The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation's aim is to strengthen cultural organizations of the highest artistic quality by enabling them to participate in the global marketplace. Even though we live in a global society, the Foundation's research shows that there is limited public and private support for artistic exchange and engagement with other cultures. The U.S. lags behind most other countries in assisting artists and arts organizations in touring to other countries and developing new markets for their work abroad. We hope that the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation's Promoting International Arts Engagement program will help leverage new support in this area and introduce American culture to communities around the world, as well as bring diverse world cultures to American audiences.

The Foundation supports arts organizations that are based in the New York region and those that serve national constituencies. Multi-year grants are available for projects that span two years. While the Foundation considers support for projects that bring international artists to the U.S., we give preference to projects that send American arts abroad. While there are no restrictions on countries or regions, we are more inclined to support activities that involve underserved or underrepresented parts of the world. The Foundation is especially interested in assisting small and mid-sized organizations. We favor projects having lasting impact and value, including international tours that lead to new engagements, programs that broaden audiences and attract new sources of income, documentation of work that is disseminated widely, and arts engagement activities that benefit the community.

The objectives of Promoting International Arts Engagement are to:

  1. Strengthen performing and visual arts organizations by helping to make possible international touring and collaborations that offer broad audience outreach and build lasting partnerships;

  2. Provide presenting organizations with the opportunity to showcase important international artists from underrepresented regions, and introduce audiences to new artistic perspectives from world cultures;

  3. Assist organizations that organize significant exchanges or forums bringing together U.S. artists and their international counterparts to inform the creative process;

This program generally does not support the following:

  • Organizations based outside the U.S.;
  • Organizations that have been operating for fewer than three years;
  • Individual artists;
  • Departments of colleges and universities;
  • Arts education programs;
  • Conferences, unless as part of a larger initiative.
  • Artistic quality of organization and project;
  • Managerial strength, governance effectiveness, and fiscal health of organization;
  • Service and access to a broad public;
  • Sustainability, including the availability of other income sources.